Amazing media coverage of Classic Photo Booths at the A&P Show

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Wow what an amazing few days at the Canterbury A&P Show 2012. Not only did the crowds go crazy for our Celebrity and Classic Photo Booths but so did all the media!

Photo: Kineta Knight closes her Canterbury TV show from our photo booth.

It all started on our first day with Kineta Knight from Canterbury TV closing her TV show from our photo booth. Our Co-founder Mark was interviewed twice live on More FM, a media pro he managed to drop a few one liners and squeeze in mentions featuring our celebrity stars including Sexy Farmer Guy, One Direction of course the royals Charles & Camilla.

Friday was the big one though, right in the middle of our busiest photo snapping stint TV One News come over to see what all the commotion and excitement was about. Luckily our other co-founder Brigid was on hand for a sparkly TV interview and the truth about who had the real celebrity pulling power was broadcast to the nation on the 6pm News!

Our co-founders and all the staff did any amazing job during the show and for the record in case you missed us on TV One News…One Direction where victorious on the day and the most photographed celebrities at the 150th Canterbury A&P Show.

Here are some behind the scenes photos

Photo: The TV One News camerman manages to pose with our Mr & Mrs Claus stand-up!

Photo: To the amusement of the crowds Charles & Camilla strike a pose at our photo booth

Photo: Stilt walkers pose for the camera at the Canterbury A&P Show.

You can check out a selection of photos from the show on our Facebook page »»»

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